TriClub Doha Coaches

TriClub Doha is blessed to work with wonderful experienced coaches in delivering our free coached training sessions each week.
All our coaches are available for individual coaching either for one specialised triathlon discipline or for all three. You are welcome to contact them individually for further details.

Ahmed Zaghw
uesday Swim
         Dr. Ahmed Zaghw, is anesthesiologist by profession and a former national swimmer.
         As inspiration for his long loved sport that he mastered, he enjoyed coaching during
         his medical school. He still competes at national and regional master open water
         competitions, as he secured the third rank in Doha open water competition in 2017 
         with total time of 15:05min and bronze medal for the short course 50meter free style
         with a time of 29:00 sec, cairo 2016. He is also certified advanced and Nitrox scuba
         diver. His training philosophy isa blend of deep physiological understanding and his
         swimming and coaching experience.
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Saturday Open
Water Swim

       Coach Nat is orginally from the Philipines. He is a traithlete himself and a certified
       Ironman Coach.  He specialises in swimming teaching and coaching. Holding a
       Level 2 STA Swim Teacher qualification and  a ASCA Level 3 Swim Coaching. 
      Coach Nat is the Head Swim Coach at Evolution Sports Qatar. 

Coach Nat is also avaliable for private triathlon coaching. 
Outside of triathlon Caoch Nat has a passion for first aid and holds a Bachelors
degree in Nursing, with experience in emergency response working with the ambuance service.