Bike / Run Training @ QCF Huts Lusail

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2018-03-07 18:30
QCF Huts - Lusail - Qatar
Bike / Run Training
Session by Pia Sundstedt
As Pia is away on holiday, Club Leader Collin Allin will be coordinating the session. 

6.30PM - 8.30PM - Adults

- Remember your lights, helmet, and flat repair equipment 
- Please be aware of other cyclists training 

Session from Pia: 
Cycling 1h 20mins
This session I want riders to remeber what they have learned the previous 2 sessions. Riders can pedal through the R/As and accelerate out of them.  Use the 2,5km lap in front of QCF when doing the intervals. It should be the safest place, but still be alert and keep your eyes and ears open. There are other riders and vehicles out there.

Warm up 20mins in Zone 2 (Try to keep rpm 90-105). Riding on the small chainring helps keeping rpm up. It is a warm up, not a race.

5 x 4mins with 4mins active recovery. Total of 40mins (4’x4‘/4’)
The efforts in Z4/5 and big chain ring in the front. 
- Start in Z4 and the last minute of the effort you will be in your Z5. It is not a maximum effort. We work on anaerobic endurance Use that rpm that you are used to. Some use lower gears than others. I recommend 90-105 rpm, but I was a cyclist and I am used to high cadence. :-)
- Active recover means that you can drop your chain on the small chain ring and spin your legs and get ready for the next effort. If you use only heart rate, the sign when you are ready for the next effort is when your heart rate shows less than 120.

Cool down 20mins with 3 sprints out of the saddle. Remeber when getting out of the saddle to move your weight slightly forward and keep your head and eyes on the horizon. 

Run 30-40mins
Slow endurance run. Aerobic 

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