Club Time Trial
Google Map Location : Lusail City Expressway

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Our first Club Time Trial taking place on Saturday 26th October will be a 2UP Pairs Team event. It will be a free, timed race event

Race Day Schedule
Race registration 05.15 

Race registration closes : 06.00
First Team to start ± 06.30, 1min intervals between teams 
Last participant on Circuit ±08.00

2 Race Distances
2UP MALE TEAM - 24km ( 3 Laps )
2UPMIXTEAM - 16km (2Laps)
2UP FEMALE TEAM - 16km (2Laps)

Race Day Checklist
Parking will be very limited so we suggest that you park at either the Mosque on the Pearl or by Lagoona Mall and cycle in as part of your warm up
TT helmets and TT bikes will be allowed as well as any aero wheel choice
TT Skinsuits, cycling kit or trisuits allowed as long as chest and thinghs are covered, aero booties and aero gloves also allowed
Cold water will be provided at Start / Finish Area , but please bring your own hydration
No Toilets are available at the venue so please make sure you use Petrol station on the Pearl or Lagoona Mall if needed
VERY limited parking on side of road, so please rather cycle in from Lagoona mall

Registration opens at 05:15 and closes at 06:00. Be on time – latecomers will not be allowed to race. The race starts at 06:15 with riders going off in 1min Intervals. This will be a manual Timed event and so NO TIMING CHIP NEEDED. Riders will need to sign the race waiver

Race Briefing

There will be no race briefing. At the start participants will be reminded on the number of laps. It is the competitor’s responsibility to know the event course and to complete it properly. Look for signs, study the route map. Ask for advice at registration as needed

MARSHALS Please adhere to directions from Race Marshalls (wearing fluorescent yellow bibs). They are there to ensure a safe and fair race

Dress Code
Consists of a vest or short sleeve type top and cycling shorts. Tri-suits / Speed suits can be worn and are recommended. Aero Booties, Gloves are permitted as well as TT helmets. NO HELMET NO RIDE, so if you don’t own a TT helmet please ensure normal helmet is worn
Swimsuits must not be used for cycling and chests must be covered during the event. There are no change tents provided at the venue. Nudity is not permitted .Failure to adhere to dress code can result in disqualification

There is no parking on or near the course. Participants are suggested to park and ride to the registration

Course Map
Time Trial MapTime Trial Map
Club Event Rules & Other Information
All competitors are responsible for ensuring their bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition

Aero Bars are permitted
Cycling helmets are compulsory, must be of standard approval and worn fastened whilst cycling. Elastic chinstraps are not permitted. Not wearing a helmet is an automatic disqualification
Competitors must ride on the right unless passing. All Competitors must follow the normal rules of the road but safety should be the first priority
Competitors are not permitted to receive individual support by vehicle, bicycle or on foot other than provided by the organizers
Drafting is not permitted
Keep 10 meters between your bike and the one in front unless you are overtaking
If you are overtaken you must drop back 10 meters. No riding side by side unless passing.
Usage of MP3 players and mobile phones, in combination with or without headphones, is not allowed during the event.

Cycling without a helmet - Disqualification
Cycling whilst the helmet is unfastened - Disqualification
Failure to obey direction of race official - Disqualification
Drafting violation - 2:00 min time penalty
Verbal/physical abuse of officials - Disqualification (be nice to the officials we cannot events without them)

All participants are responsible to bring any medications specifically required by them e.g. inhalers etc. and inform the race management of their needs Provision for rehydration will be made ONLY at START / FINISH Zone
Participants are responsible for abiding by the safety rules and regulations and for their own actions.
All participants in events organized by TriClub Doha do so entirely at their own risk and the club cannot be held responsible for accidents, injury or other incidents however caused