The Qatar Cycling & Triathlon Federation License

The QCTF launched a license scheme for the 2017-2018 season and the programme is now in it’s second year. For QAR120 you receive 2 concrete benefits:

Firstly, a QAR20 saving on any race in each of their 4 race series:
      - Triathlon League (5 events)
      - Road League (6 events)
      - Night Criterium League (7 events)
      - MTB League (7 races)

Secondly, a chance to earn points in each race and participate in the 4 leagues (one for each of the 4 series). The top 3 winners of the each leagues receive trophies, picture in newspaper, etc.
In the initial 2017-2018 season, 3 triathlons were organised in the league; Ghariya in December, Doha Triathlon (MIA Park) in March and the Pearl Triathlon in April. However there was no Triathlon league computed at the end of the season. For the 2018-2019 season, the QCTF have set a target to hold 5 triathlons, with the same 3 scheduled for December, February and April. A fourth Triathlon at Katara on November 9 has just been announced (if approval to close roads is not given it will be an aquathlon.) All four races have been added to the TriClub Doha calendar.We are waiting to hear where the fifth event will take place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the license to participate in Triathlons in Qatar?
No, you do not, you just need to pay an extra QAR20 to enter each race QCTF-organised triathlon (Ghariya, Doha, Pearl, Katara). If you only intend to participate in 3-5 triathlons, financially it doesn't make sense to pay QAR120 to save a maximum of QAR100 from all 5 races, unless you are competing for a podium place in the triathlon league. However, if you expect to also join additional bike races (eg. Friday road league races, monday night criterium or mountain bike races. such as the iconic Inland Sea race in March) then obtaining the license will easily pay back the investment.

Do I receive a discounted entry to TriClub Doha’s QF Triathlon series entry?
The QF Triathlon Series is not affiliated with QCTF and there is no saving and no license payment is required to enter the QF Triathlons. Club Members receive a 40% saving from race entry.

Is TriClub Doha’s Club Championship connected to the QCTF League?
Our club championship, which has run since 2015, similarly awards points for race participation. However our championship provides an award for any member that completes 3 events in any of our 5 series; QF Triathlon, QF Aquathlon, QF Junior Duathlon, Club Duathlon and Club Aquathlon Series for ages 7+. You can learn about the club championship here.

Is there a Junior license?
The majority of the bike races run by QCTF are not suitable for kids and juniors. Potentially some very active teenagers (suggested age of 15+) maybe able to participate frequently enough in the bike races to make the license worthwhile. However they will compete against adults in the bike races as there is no junior category in any of their QCTF leagues.

Who has a QCTF License?
You can see if your fellow triathletes hold a license by checking their list:

Most Ironman or other international races require participants to show a license from their national federation or pay a one-day license fee, sometimes as much as €25. Is the QCTF License internationally recognised, allowing holders to save paying for a one-day license?
As the QCTF license is new and was not widely taken up last season, we don't have a lot of experience in checking whether the license is accepted at Ironman events. So while it may not be guaranteed to get you the saving,  it could definitely work and is worth trying, and we plan to research this season at upcoming triathlon events.

How do I apply?
The QCR website has a link to the form to apply for a license