• Generic plan for Tri Club Members, develop by club coaches. 
  • The plan is to give members and idea of what is happening each training session, and what benefit they will be getting from the training 
  • Follow periodiztion - 3 weeks of intensity - 1 week recovery. 
  • First period will be the ”preparation phase” (6 weeks-since beginning of September). Focus will be on building up general fitness.
  • This period follows with ”pre-competiton” (4 weeks)phase where focus will be on techniques, skills, power and aerobic endurance.
  • During the ”Competiton” phase (5 weeks) and the first part of it we will focus on ”latctate tolerance ” = STME (short term muscular endurance) and the second part before the main competiton ”Al Ghariya Triathlon” we will try to find the speed in our legs and bodies.