Friday Morning Long Group Ride

a.k.a. TriClub Doha Black Spade Troopers

Note: on weekends where there is a QF event, this ride will take place following the Saturday Open Water Swim at approx. 7am leaving from where the swim is taking place

See Calendar for specific start times and dates 

Meeting Location : Isola Dana Mosque

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- This is a friendly fun group ride, there is no coach. 
- Approx. three hour bike ride from The Pearl towards Lusail City Loop. 
- Safety car follows with your frozen water & nutrition! Please bring small donation for driver (20-30 QAR) 
- Group leaves on time - Don't be late - they don’t wait!
- Our pace will be Approx. 26km/h out towards Losail 12km (warm-up) Same pace for cool down on the way back. 
- Once At Losail - 7km loop - we will split into two paced TT groups, or your also welcome to loop doing your own thing. 
- Aim is to do 4/6 loops at Tempo Race Pace. 
- Total Distance can be from 70KM-100KM (Depending on how many loops you want to do, we then re-group and ride back together for a warm down) 
- Please have at least two water bottles with fluid - compulsory! One preferably with carbs & electrolytes - one plain H2O)
- Please bring Nutrition - gel/bar/dates etc. (even if you don’t plan to use it - pls bring it!)
- Advisable to also carry puncture repair kit. TT bikes welcome. 

Please Whatsapp or email Hildy if you plan on joining & want to be added to the rides WhatsApp group.
• 55524289 
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(Aka Coach Hildy) 

Bike CourseFriday Long Ride Lusail

Run Course
Those wishing to run off the bike can make use of a 1km loop around the tip of the Pearl, with the far turning point through the gardens
Isola Dana 1km Run Lap