Friday Morning Long Ride at St Francis Roundabout

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Meeting & Parking Location : St Francis Roundabout

StFrancis Parking

- This is an advanced ride for athletes who are capable of or are targeting to ride under 2:45 in a 70.3 race (a course similar to Dubai or Bahrain), there is no coach
- The ride is mostly non-drafting
- St Francis is a 22km loop and the ride will be 4-5 loops (88km or 110km)
- Steady paced ride; riders are expected to be capable of averaging 33 kmph and above individually (non-drafting).
- Safety car follows the last rider (so important that riders are of similar abilities to stay in touch with others).
- Cost is 25 QAR per person (If someone wants to ride longer after the group is done riding they can keep the car and pay the driver 50 QAR/hour)
- Meeting is at 5:45 am and rolling at 6:00 am
- Run off the bike is strongly recommend!
- Please bring your own hydration and nutrition. You can leave at bottles start and collect at the beginning of laps
- Please bring your puncture repair kits.
- TT bikes preferred as they are faster :)

Please Whatsapp Gamal (66085307) if you wish to join 

Bike Course
St Francis Roundabout Bike 22km