Wednesday Bike Training - Losail Circuit
See Calendar for specific start times and dates

Regular Coach: Pia Sundstedt 
UCI Coach, Former Pro Cyclist and Olympian

Meeting Location : Losail Circuit
Meet in the pitlane trackside. Allow extra time for parking & registration

We have a whatsapp group - please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join the group

This is a two hour session catering for all levels running when the Losail Circuit is open, typically from October to May each year. Typically starting around 6.30pm with an opportunity for all levels. Beginners welcome!

Weekly Cycling Plan

Preparation Phase
3 October 18 
Riding Safely / Group riding
New season and new goals.
10 October 18 
Training Philosophy - when to train, when to recover - Baseline fitness and overload
Components of fitness: Our Energy Systems
Position on bike, Transition
Bike + Running Drills 
Pre-Competition Phase 
17 October 18
Feeding Strategies
Pedalling Technique
24 October 18
Aerobic Endurance Z3/4
31 October 18 
7 November 18 
Bike Handling Skills
Competition Phase
14 November 18 
STME-Short Term Muscular Endurance
21 November 18 
Anaerobic Interval Training
28 November 18 
STME-Short Term Muscular Endurance
5 December 18 
Pedalling Technique, Position on bike, cornering
12 December 18 
Race Preparation
Recovery Phase 
19 December 18 
26 December 18 
2 January 19