Members Mylaps Timing Chips

TriClub uses Mylaps Prochips to time our races. Each member is provided with a chip when they join the club as a new member. Every chip comes with a 12 month subscription, which should be activated when you collect the chip. It is up to each member to take ownership, to know when their chip is scheduled to expire and to ensure their chip is working. This can be done in a number of ways; checking the chip with the mylaps software on a PC, shaking the chip to see if 2 green lights flash, or simply running the chip over a timing loop to see if it beeps. Committee members are on hand at race events to assist. In the event a chip is not working, no times will be captured during a race and nothing can be done after a race to capture an accurate time if the chip was not active. Therefore it is up to you to check that the chip was properly activated after you collect it.

Renewing members need to take care to renew the subscription when it expires (after 12 months.) Renewing a subscription is easy and can be completed at for about QAR90. Additionally, members can arrange to swap their expired chip for another chip with a one year subscription on it for QAR120 with the club. Instructions are available at:

The goal of providing each member their chip is to significantly reduce the effort during race events from distributing and collecting chips. This workload would require additional volunteers, creates a bottleneck on race day, adds further admin during the race to update the race file, and more work afterwards to track down and retrieve missing chips. 

For Club Triathlons (paid events,) we offer discounted entry to club members on the basis that they are going to race with their own active chip. If you are a member and do not maintain an active timing chip, and you want to time your race, you will need to pay QAR50 to rent a chip from the club, subject to availability, as club chips will normally have been allocated to non-members.

Any member who does not race with their own chip will most likely not have their details updated in the system until well after the race is complete and therefore could miss out on a podium placing at the post-race presentation. In order to ensure that the podium presentation is completed on time, the club does not guarantee an accurate podium presentation where members have not raced with their own chip.

During club events, (ie. free Aquathons and Duathlons), we enforce a strict “no chip, no time” policy. Club events were designed such that one individual could set up the timing gear and cones, start, and participate in, the event. The administration behind servicing members who forgot their chip triples the effort required to time a race.  Members should take steps to ensure that they do not forget their timing chip, in the same way that they remember their goggles, running shoes and cycling helmet. We recommend that you leave your timing chip in your car between races so it will be there at the next event.

In the event that you have a problem with a chip that cannot be resolved, please email Triclub (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so alternative arrangements, such as arranging a replacement chip for QAR150 or the use of a rental, can be made prior to the next event. Resolving this prior to a race will ensure the race file is updated when the event begins. Faulty chips or chips with low batteries with active subscriptions will be replaced by Mylaps free of charge so please return these to the TriClub Coordinator. Please take note that timing chips do not recharge.

Should you lose your chip, replacements can be purchased via Aynatickets and collected from the TriClub Coordinator (MIchelle) at any race event (Triathlon, Aquathon or Duathon). The cost to the club of a replacement chip is QAR150. Existing members should not join the club as a new member in the following season to replace a chip lost over the summer as new membership comes with a new chip , which is by the club. Renewing members should renew and pay an additional QAR150 for a replacement chip. We also offer a trade-in option where for QAR120 we will provide a recycled timing chip with a 12 months subscription loaded on it in exchange for your existing expired chip.