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Our new registration site has been built in-house and is customised to TriClub Doha's own requirements. This site allows you to both register for all our race events events as a non-club member or club member, or join or "upgrade" to club membership.

Event Member : Basic registration on the website, enter our race events at a non-club member.

Club Member : Upgrade from event member for an annual fee and take advantage of our membership offering. Past members that own their own mylaps timing chip can enter their chip details on registration which leads to an automatic reduction of QAR150 in membership subscription fees.
New members who do not have their own chip, or members that have lost their chip, can leave the chip details blank, and will automatically be charged the full new members price (Adults QAR500, Juniors QAR250).

Registering for an event : 
When registering for a race event, it is important to make sure your chip ID is up to date. This will be loaded into the race event database and be used for timing. Individuals with a mylaps chip in their member's profile will receive the appropriate discount automatically.


Registration in 3 high level steps:
1. Register an account (Event Member)
  • If you provided a valid unique Mylaps ChipID, then you are eligible for a QAR150 club member discount. Note you are responsible for renewing your chip's subscription with Mylaps (How to check and update your chip)
  • If you left the Chip ID blank, then you will be charged 150QR extra, and the club will provide you with a new 1year valid Mylaps timing chip at your next club race event.
2. Create “Dependents” for junior members. Make sure you provide Mylaps Timing Chip ID information for each
3. Upgrade your membership type for you and your dependents to Club Member and pay by credit/debit card. 


Registration Step by Step Guide

1. Click on Register to create a new account


2. Fill in your personal details, including your chip

If you have been a member in the past and own your own mylaps chip, you should enter it here.
refer to triclub website for details on how to find out your chip expiry date
3. Click on Manage Account to add or edit further detais about yourself


4. Click on Members to see your own profile and any dependents in your account

Click on the eye to open the members informationreg button 2
Click on the edit button to edit the information
reg button 1


5. Click on Select Action to create Dependent Members within your account eg. Kids/Juniors or Spouse

Click on the Action Button to proceed regbutton3

6. Provide the information on the dependent member and click 'run action'

Note - if your dependents have timing chips, they should be added here to ensure that you receive the QAR150 discount


7. Upgrade to Club Membership

7.1. Select action 'upgrade to club membership' for the relevant member & selection action button

7.2 Provide the Cardholders Billing Information

7.3 This will bring you to the Qpay payment screen where you enter debit or credit card details 
(If payment fails you will need to return back and repeat step 7)

7.4 Order confirmation should appear on the screen and later by email (of your account or dependents email)
if you do not, then that will probably mean the transaction is incomplete and you can repeat step 7 again
7.5 Repeat steps 7.1-7.5 for each member seperately. There is no basket functionality yet, therefore 2 adults and 2 junior upgrades to club membership requires 4 seperate card transactions. We hope to improve this in a future release

Registration Frequently Asked Questions link

8. Welcome to TriClub Doha!