Members Mylaps Timing Chipschip 3
  • TriClub Doha uses Mylaps Prochips to time our all our races
  • Each member is provided with a chip when they join a new club member (worth QAR150)
  • Existing club members (with a chip) can renew club membership at a lower rate by adding their chip ID and expiry date to their members profile
  • Every chip comes with a 12 month subscription. Chips are activated before you collect the chip. No need to activate
  • Renewing members are responsible for renewing and activating their chip subscription to keep it working 12 months after their joining date, eg. members joining in January 2022 will need to renew in January 2023
  • It is up to each member to check their chip is working at each race. The easiest way is to cross a timing loop before any club race to see if it beeps. If there is no beep, please check with a timing official (even new chips just in case)
  • You can also check the chip subscription on the mylaps website or with the mylaps software or shake the chip for 5-10 seconds and then wait for 5 seconds to see if a green light flashes twice (see below)
  • Each member should take note when their chip subscription is scheduled to expire. Expired chips don't beep
  • In the event a chip is not working, no times will be captured during a race and nothing can be done after a race to capture an accurate time if the chip was not active
  • If you forget your chip to a timed event then you will not be timed. Your time will not be added manually
  • Please take note that timing chips do not recharge. The battery should last 4-5 years but in some cases only 2-3 years
  • If you have a problem with a chip that cannot be resolved eg. battery life is 0%, you will need to purchase a new chip
  • Existing members who have lost their chips over the off-season should not enter their lost chip ID into their member's profile. 
Check your Chip Status on

  • Members can register chips at website. This allows you to check the subscription status, the expiry date and buy a new subscription.
  • Any subscriptions purchased online still require activation using the Mylaps Connect Software (instructions below)
To register a chip and check the status, follow these easy instructions on the web:

1. Go to and select Login. You are a racer.


2. Use the TriClub Doha account to login :
login : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

password: Triclub123*

We recommend using the TriClub Doha account, rather than creating your own. We can't access/assist with chips if you create and tether them to your own account.

3. Add your chip in "my products"

mylaps add chip
4. Your chips will appear with current status and expiry date. Make a note of your expiry date
3 chip status
5. If you need to renew your chip subscription
Click on "Manage product" where you can buy a new subscription. TriClub Doha will sell you a new chip, either a red chip for QR150 or a Yellow mylaps Timer Go chip, which has an endless subscription, limited by the battery life, which is estimated to be 5 years for QR250.

Check Status and Activate a New Subscription Using Mylaps Connect for Prochip Flex Transponder Software

Click here to download Mylaps Connect to your Windows PC
Click here to download Mylaps Connect for your Mac

Mylaps Connect Screenshot
  • Install and start the flex manager on your Windows PC or Mac. Connect your chip using your USB cable to your PC (supplied with your chip and ankle strap)
  • You will be able to see the expiration date and the battery level
  • This is the only place you can Activate a new subscription added on
  • If you do not have access to a computer, visit a timing official prior to a club race where your chip can be activated
Other Information
  • Any member who does not race with their own chip will most likely not have their details updated in the system until well after the race is complete and therefore could miss out on a podium placing at the post-race presentation. In order to ensure that the podium presentation is completed on time, the club does not guarantee an accurate podium presentation where members have not raced with their own chip

Shake a Chip to Check it's Status