TriClub Buddy System

The objective of the buddy system is to give a support and helping hand to new members, and to make them feel very welcome into our triathlon community.

Suggested ways that the buddy can help the new member:
- Be a point of contact within the club for the new member and encourage them to join the club activities (training sessions, races, social events) - by inviting them personally, and being the “friendly face” who’ll be there. Makes it less daunting to turn up.
Be approachable – try to answer any questions they might have (within reason, this shouldn’t be a major drain on your time!!)
• Once every 6 weeks, lead the beginners ride on a Friday morning at the OCT (this means, riding for approx. 1 hour at the pace of the slowest rider who joins)
What’s in for the buddy?
Apart from the immense joy of imparting your tri-related wisdom to a fresh and eager new triathlete, each volunteer buddy will be able to do one Education City race of their choice free of charge.

To sign up as a buddy, or request a buddy, visit


1. How do I sign up?
a. Visit and sign up.  Jenny and Steve and will match you with a buddy.

2. Can I request a specific buddy?
a. Yes, sure. Or if you have particular wishes (for example if you’re a male and you’d prefer not to have a female buddy) just let us know.

3. Do I have to coach the new member or give training plans?
a. No. You can tell them how you approach your training if you like, but you don’t have to fill any sort of coaching role for the new member. You can feel free to direct them to the “our coaches” section of the website or give them contact details of coaches that you know.

4. How should the new member contact me?
a. You can decide that in consultation with the member. WhatsApp is usually easiest but it’s up to you. You can feel free to set boundaries around this, whatever works for you. You can tell them in advance not to call you at all, message only, or not to expect a response from you at 9pm on a Thursday, for example!

5. What if this isn’t working out for me?
a. Just contact the committee and we will sort out the situation, no judgement. We can find a new buddy. There’s no obligation to be part of the system and if you no longer have time or interest, or you and the new member are just not getting along, no problem.

6. How long will I be a mentor for?
a. Ideally the first training season of the new member so approx. 6 months.

7. What is something happens to the new member? Am I liable?
a. Not at all. By signing up the buddy scheme, the new member will acknowledge that their training is at their own risk, when they agree to the Triclub Doha Waiver.

Committee points of contact for the Buddy Scheme: Jenny (+97474480842) and Steve (+97466051974)