Volunteering at TriClub Doha Events

TriClub Doha relies upon the help of volunteers for our events to run smoothly. All our members, or parents of Junior members, are expected to volunteer to assist at least one event per season. 

There are benefits to volunteering. Not only does it give personal satisfaction for helping support the club and fellow triathletes, all volunteers will be eligible to participate in the TriClub's "Club Championship" for the season. For juniors to be eligible, either a junior may volunteer to assist at an event, or their parents can volunteer in their place. Additionally, any adult or junior volunteers that miss a Qatar Foundation race (Triathlon, Aquathlon or Junior Duathlon) to support the race, will accrue 50 points (equivalent to winning the race) for one event per series.  

Volunteers are required to sign-up in advance so their support can be allocated to an area. While volunteers that show up on the day offering to help will be put to use, this does not count as volunteering for the purposes of qualifying for club championship benefits.

Sign-up to Volunteer within each at our race registration site

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