International Triathlons
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Every year our members participate in International Triathlons. In previous years, popular races attended by members include the closest Ironman 70.3's in Bahrain, Muscat, Dubai and Salalah, and the World Triathlon Series race in Abu Dhabi. Popular races further afield have included Ironman 70.3 in Egypt, Turkey and full Ironman in Barcelona, Portugal and West Australia.

While members do travel and take part in shorter Olympic distance races and longer full Ironman races, the Ironman 70.3 does tend to be a popular and achievable milestone to aim for at the end of your first season or during your second season, therefore a number of the races mentioned below will be the most popular races for TriClub members. The timing of these races fits in nicely with our season, starting with shorter sprint triathlons, building to Olympic distance triathlons and maxi-distance club duathlons and aquathlons in January, preparing for 70.3 distance races from the end of February / March onwards as the season picks up in Europe and Asia.

Some of our TriClub Members have submitted some race reports to assist other club members to decide which race to do and prepare. CLICK HERE for race reviews.

Sign Up as a Member of TriClub Doha for Ironman Races
In your Ironman profile, please remember to select your club as TriClub Doha. This allows the club to collect points toward the TriClub Championship and qualify for regional championships. TriClub is currently in Division IV.

Share Your Attendance
If you are intending to participate in an Ironman race, please share on our WhatsApp social group so other club members can get in touch with you. You can also join our WhatsApp group for International events to participate in the group chat around the races.